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Incident (552396) Detail

Robeson County, In Pembroke
SR-1340 (N Odom St), Mile Marker 0 to 0, Both Directions
Near SR-1566 (Cornith Rd)
Cleared - Expected Impact to traffic is Low
Start Time
12/16/2018 11:30 AM
End Time
6/19/2019 02:43 PM

 Construction: Cleared
 The intersection of Prospect Road and Cornith Road will be temporarly closed for the construction of the Cornith Road Roundabout. None

 Construction Days and Times:
 24 Hrs/Day
7 Days/Week
 Heading North on Prospect : Right at Cornith Rd (SR 1566), Left at Union Chapel Rd (SR 1563), Left at St Anna Rd(SR 1515), and back to Prospect Rd (SR 1340)
Heading South on Prospect: Left on St Anna (SR 1515), Right on Union Chapel Rd (SR 1563), Right at Cornith Rd (SR 1566), and back to Prospect Rd (SR 1340)
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