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Special Alert

Due to flooding motorists should not travel in areas south of US-264 and east of I-73/I-74. 

Several sections of I-95 and I-40 are flooded.
 I-95 Southbound traffic from Virginia should use US-64 West (Exit 138) to I-540 West to I-40 West to US-321 South to I-85 South. 
Follow directions in South Carolina to re-access I-95.

At this time no safe, stable or reliable route exists for the public to get to and from Wilmington.

Although water is receding on some roads the roads and bridges may be damaged. 
There are many others in which the flood levels will continue to rise over the next 72 hours or more depending on the river.

Many areas affected by the storm only have a few passable roads in and out. These routes are vital for recovery efforts – excess traffic, and stalled or wrecked vehicles can become a major hindrance to recovery efforts.  Law enforcement, fire, EMS, National Guard, utility companies, and others that must have access to the hardest-hit areas of the State.
Many of the essentials, such as food, water, and fuel are limited in these areas.  Adding additional people in these areas will further strain these resources. 

 GPS systems are routing users into areas NCDOT is not recommending for travel.

 List of Roads Affected by the Storm and Roadway Conditions by County

 For weather updates visit the National Weather Service  / For the latest on hurricane response visit ReadyNC.org

NCDOT's latest press release

Note:  On the map below, if the road is purple there is not enough data to provide speed information on that segment of road. 
Red and white striped lines mean the road is closed.

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